RAVING HORMONES - Midlife + Menopause for women who refuse to grow old

Midlife Remix

Yo! Midlife Sister!

I see you lady. YOU, who once delighted in shaking your ass. You who had Big Fun in the second summer of love living off Disco Biscuits with your friends Molly and Mandy. It was Such a Good Feeling and all you cared about was Where Love Lived, meeting other Wild Things and Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm. You felt like you could Move Any Mountain, that your generation could create Sweet Harmony  and you felt free to Express Yourself.  Then what happened? Some strange, long, twenty-odd year comedown? One minute you're Searching for your Rizla and the next time you look its mortgages, promotions and 2.4 children (or not) and before you know it the only rush you’re experiencing is rushing around being the fourth emergency service for all your friends and family in need. Or maybe you feel like a Slave to The Rhythm of someone else’s drum? Without really knowing how exactly, you landed Back to Life, Back to Reality where there Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent and it’s all about Dirty Cash and existing from one Blue Monday to the next. It’s like a jungle sometimes, and it makes you wonder, how have you kept from going under? Where’s Your Head At? Is your life more House of Pain, than Funkytown these days? You can’t get no sleep and it’s greasy insomnia, cos menopause Gonna Make You Sweat, kids are gonna Push It  And you need to do the Safety Dance in order not to wet yourself when you Bust A Move. The Firestarter in your knickers has gone out, only to be replaced by the fire that drenches you in sweat 30 times a day. The Beat Goes On. Some weeks of the month you feel like a Killer Playing With Knives and others you just want to Hideaway. The cravings for  Spin Spin Sugar but your hormones and your busy life make you feel Insane In The Brain, with no time to chillout let alone have precious time  for Me, Myself & I. 

Well, I see you Baby and I am here to help you 

I Got The Key, The Secret. I Can’t Wait to show you how to Pump Up The Volume on your glorious selves. I want to Set You Free.  Finally, you could see those flushes as pure Energy Flash and how you can learn to love all parts of yourself again.  Move Your Body so you can feel PHAT. Relax. You Got the Love you need to see you through this Midlife Unravelling. I want to show you that Midlife + menopause are the gateway drug to Higher States of Consciousness. 


It’s time to say No, no, no, no, no no, It’s My Life, I Got The Power, No Limits. 

You can join me and other midlife sisters on a journey of self-discovery and reclamation. What does it mean to be a woman at this time of life, when you are experience the shifting sands of hormonal changes and big questions about what you want in your life?

You can join this community of amazing women either via the group programme Midlife Alchemy Project or through the 1-2-1 Programme




Working 1-2-1 means we can dive deep and unpick any niggly old shit that's getting in your way.  This really is the time to clear out crap from your past, so you can create the future you really want. We don't need weighing down with old baggage as we go into Act 2 of our lives.


A 3 Month Programme of either 6, 9 or 12 weekly sessions (online or face-to-face), with support between sessions, books and other resources provided for you. You'd be amazed at what you can create in this space.