Midlife Alchemy Project


Until you do something like Midlife Alchemy Project, you have no idea how much you needed a safe space held for you with other women. Becky's circle is full of support, love and inspiration to guide you. I loved the experience of reflections from other women and different topics each week to make me think in a different way. Highly recommend!



I realised how isolated I’d made myself, but now I’ve got a close community of wonderful ladies who are so loving and supportive. Becky is hugely compassionate and charismatic, such a wonderful facilitator with a depth of knowledge on women’s issues.



I have just completed the programme and it has been one of the most brilliant things I have done. I was a bit unsure beforehand because I’m not really one to “open up” in groups but I found that I listened more for the first couple of weeks and spoke more as the weeks went onI found the listening to others, reading the suggested books/articles and then digesting that through the week led to lots of revelations about myself - things that I’d been on the periphery of knowing, but hadn’t previously been able to pin down. This, in turn, led me to see things I was struggling with with much more clarity and therefore be able to face them head on. I genuinely feel like I’ve come a very long way in 6 weeks with a new acceptance of myself, and clarity about what I want from my life.  Also, Becky’s knowledge and insight are the best resource you’ll EVER tap into. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!



Every woman needs to do this. Through listening to others, doing your own reading and sharing your thoughts in this wonderfully cosy safe space, you will, without doubt, learn more about yourself and gain greater insight into who you are and what you want in life.