Your brain (and body) are completely amazing and has  tremendous capacity to deal with difficult things and heal itself, but it isn't always possible for certain experiences, events, or 'big' feelings to be processed fully at the time they happen. This might be due to nominal processing abilities, like when you are a child with a limited understanding of a situation, or by not having the time or safe space provided to you when you really needed it. Sometimes there isn't a singular event, or experience, but a slow drip, drip over a number of years, which can be challenging to notice, let alone process and heal.  Unfortunately, us humans can find other humans' big feelings difficult to handle, so very often they get neatly swept under the carpet, or put away in a box, to hopefully be dealt with at a later date. However, the lump under the carpet can only be ignored for so long before you start to trip over it, and the box starts to feel like it could take you down, if you actually dared to open it.  I have helped hundreds of clients open their "Pandora's Box" and show them that not only is it not as scary as they think it will be, but that I am tooled up to the eyeballs to handle anything that we might find there. I am a Quest Institute trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist which gifts me access to your unconscious mind (where 95% of thought happens) + a wealth of tools + I also regularly use AMDR (a cutting edge version of EMDR) which is a safe way of processing trauma.  Talking things through at a conscious, 'thinking' level can be tremendously helpful, but it can also be true that for some people, and some issues, all that thinking and talking simply enforces the 'unhelpful' neurology even further.