Why Feeling Like You're Unravelling At Midlife is a Good Thing

Midlife can feel a bit like the little lego town you’ve spent many patient hours (and years) constructing has just been bulldozed by a tantruming toddler. You can feel like you are unravelling, being disassembled and the not knowing what the rebuild requires of you can feel daunting, terrifying even.

Do you have what you need to get through this, you ask? You have been disassembled and reassembled many times in your life already, sometimes because of big life events, or simply as part of your natural evolution. But I think, whether you like or not some level of disassembly comes to us all at this time of life because there’s so often the perfect storm lined up, all ready to rain down on you……...fluctuating hormones, relationship break ups, serious illness, death, loss, stress, kids, no kids, feeling trapped on the hamster wheel and you can keep trying to stick yourself back together with booze, or food, or instagram, or sex, or shoes, or crochet, or exercise, or keeping busy, or working all the hours, but eventually it all breaks apart and THIS IS A GOOD THING!!!

And if you could only surrender to it, and realise it is ALL FOR YOU, not the universe against you, (which it can definitely feel like at times), then you can enjoy the rebuild, you can have some influence on the design. You resist because it feels like the shittiest timing ever and you resist because you’ve gotten so comfy in there, but comfort is not what brings us into the Wise Woman Years. Your inner Wild Woman is your escort in the Wise Woman years and she’s that Woman that you’ve really been trying hard to avoid, so get to know her, let her take you on the rollercoaster and see what you discover about yourself on the way.